The Novecosky Name

The surname Novecosky is a phonetic version of the Polish surname Nowakowski. The name has developed from a common nickname. The name is traceable to the Polish word "nowa" literally meaning "new one." Hence, this was frequently a pet name for a new born baby. This name was also a nickname for a new settler in a particular area. Hence, a new resident to an area was usually known as "Nowak." These pet names were terms of endearment and affection and they were also functional so that bearers of the same personal name could be easily distinguished. The suffix "sky" is very common in surnames of Polish origin and literally means "from."

There was a significant noble family named Nowakowski who lived in medieval Poland. They were powerful landowners and records of individual members of this family date back to the early 18th century. One Antoni Kajekan Nowakowski was a renowned member of the Hermetic Monastic Order; he also achieved fame as an engraver. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, there have been numerous notable bearers of this name in Poland including writers, scientists, journalists, and historians. In modern times, this name is one of the most common surnames in Poland. In English speaking countries, it has usually been anglicized to Novecoski and Noveinski.

Coat of Arms

The Slepowron Coat of Arms is used by many families of Polish descent. One of them is the Nowakowski family, from which the Novecosky name is derived. As soon as we have more detail on the history of this coat of arms, we will post it here. Here is a brief account of the coat of arms' elements and symbolism:

Crest: Out of a gold crown, a black raven holds a gold ring in its beak
Torse Colors: Blue
Helmet: Steel grey with gold and red
Shield: On a blue field, a silver horseshoe, gold cross, and a black raven with a gold ring in its beak
Mantling Colors: Gold, Blue
Supporters: None
Motto: None
Heraldic Reference Sources : Poland's Knighthood Rolls (1588 Edition), Volume I, Page 404
Arms: Slepowron

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